With the current changes at Immigration New Zealand, it is proving to be a confusing time for the Automotive Industry across the country. One of the most common questions we get asked at the moment is “can I still hire offshore technicians?” The short answer is yes! You don’t need to pay them $38.50 per hour as is the common misconception.

At Musterrecruit, we are still bringing top quality Automotive Talent into the country using the Essential Skills Visa and these candidates are being paid market rate. The Essential Skills Visa has now taken over from the Work to Residence Visa unless you’re offering $38.50 per hour ($80k pa) or above. Being accredited helps for visa applications but does not automatically provide a Work to Residence Visa anymore.

The next question you may be asking is “why did I bother becoming accredited if I can’t hire staff on less than $38.50 per hour?” Unfortunately, while Immigration New Zealand brings in its new regulations, you will need to sit tight and wait. The proposed changes are rumoured to include a tiered accreditation with the lower level being applicable to lower-paid roles such as Technicians and Service Advisors. In the long-run, all employers will apparently need to be accredited to be able to employ offshore candidates. If you are already accredited, you are ahead of the game, if you aren’t…..it might be time to start looking into it.

***We will be hosting a few seminars in the next couple of months to run everyone through the changes over at INZ and have invited our partners from Absolute Immigration to be there to field any and all questions you may have. To register your interest in these seminars, please get in touch!!!**

In the meantime, Musterrecruit are happy to provide advice and support to any that require it.