Have you ever felt your interview with your local agency went well but you aren’t getting the results and interviews that were originally anticipated? These tips should aid you in working with your recruitment consultant to get the best results!

  • If you haven’t heard back from your Recruitment Consultant (RC) always follow up. Find out what stage of the recruitment process you are at if there is a particular role in mind or keep yourself updated on any new roles by staying in regular contact (weekly)
  • Always keep your RC updated on any progress you have with applications through other agencies or directly with companies, this could help push forward gaining an interview with the recruiters’ clients and avoid any sticky situations where you must let the agency down.
  • Follow up on any testing. Check your results were as you expected, if not bring it up with your RC. (the last thing you would want is to have your skills set misrepresented due to a testing mishap.)
  • Be open minded! Your RC should be very aware of the market and therefore may be able to point out roles / industries you never thought about in the past and can give you good insights into company cultures and live examples of where previous candidates they’ve placed have developed.
  • Always get interview feedback even if you feel it was a terrible interview. So, the job wasn’t for you, best thing to do is take the opportunity to learn general interview skills. Always follow up on any client interviews and think of it as a learning opportunity and one step further to finding your perfect role / company.
  • Use your RC to get as much information about client and the interview structure beforehand! After all, they should know their client’s well and the hiring managers expectations and personality style.
  • Ask about other services the agency may offer. There may be temp roles you could get into in the interim. They may also suggest roles to search for, interview feedback, ready to go candidates lists or CV pointers.
  • Don’t give up! Job searching can be highly taxing, any good RC should understand. If you weren’t successful for the first role the best thing you can do is keep in touch with the agency for the next opportunity.
  • Give your RC feedback. let them know how you feel they are doing, if the interview they sent you to was different to what was anticipated, if the companies culture isn’t exactly what you’re looking for and also any client feedback you might have as this gives us an idea of what you like / dislike going forward.
  • Communication is key. Your RC needs to know what it is you are looking for in order to help you, they should be receptive if this changes through the process too. Yes, they can be hard to get hold of at times due to having busy schedules however flick an email to give them any updates you have at your end – remember we keep notes in our database and you might need us in the future.
  • Be receptive to feedback. RC’s don’t enjoy rejecting candidates just as much as candidates don’t like being rejected. There is only 1 person that gets the role but we might have 50-80 applications per job we need to communicate with. Ask for honest feedback and be open to learning from it.

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Written by Sangeeta Prasad