Daryl Feast - From Neel Senadheera

How did you hear about us Muster Recruit?

I heard about Muster Recruit from one of my friends

How was the process of moving to New Zealand through Muster Recruit?

Excellent, I’m really happy about the processing. Daryl Feast always advice to me and guide. So processing was very fast moving to New Zealand.

How was the interview process?

Mr Daryl Feast interviewed me, he is very friendly, he is advice to me how to face the interview and about New Zealand.

Which Country did you immigrate from?

From U.A.E

How well did you settle once here in New Zealand?

Mr Daryl Feast from Muster Recruit found me a job at Andrew Simms company. I have settled very well and enjoying the country and people.

Where did Muster Recruit help along your journey here?

I am very pleased with services provided. Daryl Feast was looking after me. Always keeping up with my updates and suggestions. I am highly recommend to my friends who is looking for migrant to New Zealand .

image of Daryl Feast - From Neel Senadheera

Daryl Feast - From Praveen Fernando

From the beginning till the very end of the recruitment process Daryl was really helpful. From getting me the perfect job opportunity to preparing me for the interview he guided me throughout the process. And as same as he arrange me a awesome salary rate too. He didn’t just stop with getting me the right job, but he went out of his way to find a place for me to reside once I got over here to New Zealand.

I’m really happy with the job that I got and the people I work with. I find it’s great place for me to not only use my current skill set but also grow and learn more as a Technician.

Finally, Daryl was extremely helpful throughout process and the job that I received is more than I ever expected.

image of Daryl Feast - From Praveen Fernando